My Child Trust concept was developed by Mr. Mohammed Shaminul Islam who is an Entrepreneur. He was researching on Orphans and Homeless children in Bangladesh and what he found had moved him so much that he was compelled to do something to help these innocent children.

Mr. Islam also became very aware that most charities failed due to lack of funding from donors. This concerned him gravely as he did not want to set up a place for these children and not be able to manage it in the long term.

After a lot of discussion and deliberation, he came up with a very Innovative Idea which would allow this institution to stay open without any funding issues. He decided it would not be a charity like all others as he felt these children should not be labelled.

He put together a dedicated team with different skill set to help him develop the funding model which would allow the Trust to function and sustain itself without relying on donations. Mr. Islam decided he would get like-minded entrepreneurs to come aboard and pledge a percentage of the ownership of the companies they are stakeholders of.

Out of this concept My Child Trust was born.


Create and build a self sustained cadet school for orphans and homeless children
where they will be safe and secure

Take 100 girls and 100 boys who are orphans or homeless and give them a safe and secure home where they will  be nurtured into adulthood, provide education, social and life skills and repeat the process every five year.


Provide a secure and safe accommodation that will be managed by the trust who’s members will be vetted, children will have a safe place which they will call their home until they decide to leave.


Create an educational hub that will provide various subjects which will be aligned to international and national curriculum enabling the children with academic and life-skill education.

Develop and Franchise the concept globally for other entrepreneurs to implement.


To take in children who are orphans or homeless and create a cohesive environment which will provide safe and secure accommodation, education, social well being, life skills and mental balance.


To create a My Child Trust across the globe and educate entrepreneurs to come along with us on this journey.


Todays orphans will be tomorrows leaders

Remove the injustice and inequality  for these orphans to grow as Mohammed Ali said “A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he’ll never crow. I have seen the light and I’m crowing.” let us be that organisation that will let these children roar to success.