Who Are We

Elites Investment Limited is an international multi-disciplined corporate business consulting firm. We assist businesses and institutions with funding, product development, negotiations, sourcing and marketing.

Under the leadership of its founder and chairman, Elites Investment Limited has built a solid reputation and trust, which allow it to continue to grow its current business and capitalize on new opportunities.

Elites investment is managed by entrepreneurs who have the experience of starting businesses from the seed stage and growing the businesses to sustainable level. Through our global network, this management team can help other entrepreneurs in realizing their visions by helping them in developing business models, strategy and the execution plan.

Our global partners have a well-deserved reputation and through us, the entrepreneurs can access the expertise of our partners.

Our global team of partners and advisors are ready to provide guidance and assistance every step of the way as entrepreneurs strive to build their business and expand their business reach.

We Specialise In

Socio-Economic development projects helping developing countries in building hospitals, clinics, roads and highways.

In the Health Care Sector, our aim is to enable developing countries provide sustainable healthcare that is affordable if not free to the community.

We look at the available resources in a country and work with the authorities develop the country’s infrastructure.

All our Socio-Economic projects ensure creation of jobs and opportunities for the people within the country. We emphasize training and re-skilling of work force in areas which has limited skilled resources.


Our Mission

To create a healthier environment and support private and public sector organizations with turnkey solutions.


Our Vision

To be an ethical, innovative solution provider to the emerging markets. 


Our Target

To provide innovative investment and project financing for sustainable development project.